Meet the Team

Justine Zarletti

Justine Zarletti - Campaign Administrative Manager

Justine and her husband, Vinnie, are long time friends of Travis and Jen Johnson. She and Vinnie, along with their 3 kids (ages 15, 13 & 11), have lived in Princeton for 12 years. Their kids have grown up together and throughout those years a deep friendship has formed with the Johnson Family.

"When Travis asked me to think and pray about being a part of this campaign, my heart knew that I wanted to be a part of what it was going to take to support him and see this campaign be a success. I’ve gotten a front row seat to Travis' life and road, over the last 11 years up to this point; he's worked very hard to be at the place that he’s at. Travis' heart, character, integrity and loyalty are all characteristics that I knew I could get behind and support. I believe that Travis has the drive and training to take care and lead our community. It’s my honor to call him my friend!" says Justine.

Justine will be putting together volunteer teams for events and neighborhood/event canvasing days, as well as Campaign sign pick-up day and other campaign duties as they arise. If you are interested in being a part of the volunteer teams for parades in Princeton, Milaca, Onamia and Isle, or other events as they come up, please contact Justine at:

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson - Campaign Treasurer

When my son Travis told me he was running for sheriff, and he asked me to be his treasurer, I thought I could help him with this. I was a small business owner for many years. I spent a lot of my time in the area of finances. I believe in today’s world you need to work with people that you trust, are honest, believe in transparency and integrity. Travis and I share those qualities. I believe he will work hard and will make a great sheriff.