Meet Travis Johnson

Welcome to the elect Travis Johnson for Sheriff website! I am glad you took the time to visit.

I am running for Sheriff because this is my community, the community I love and am invested in and the community I’ve sworn to serve and protect. As a deputy sheriff, when you call, I respond. We have an incredible group of licensed peace officers at the Sheriff’s Office and I’m humbled and proud to be one of them.

If elected Sheriff my platform is simple; serve you, protect you and your constitutional rights and freedoms, accountability and transparency with Sheriff's Office budgeting and spending with your hard earned tax dollars, positive community interaction and involvement, physical and mental officer wellness.

The call to humbly serve and protect the people of Mille Lacs County is a blessing, honor and privilege. I've already been humbled and blessed by the outpouring of support that's came in. Thank you! I'm asking for your continued support and your vote this November.

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